Oil Process

Oil Process Adivasi Ashirwad Herbal Hair Oil
  • Adivasi Ashirwad seasoning hair grease is a unique combination of 108 rare herbs and essential oils. We procure the finest quality herbs and blend them with pure vegetable oil. The final product is produced by implementing the Adivasi Pak Vidhi, which is an ancient methodology which ensures and preserves the hair oil and its herbs as a nourishing oil.
  • This ancient formula is a boon for the mankind. It reduces hair fall, treats dandruff within the scalp, checks premature graying of hair and adds vibrancy, luster and shine to the hair. It gives absolutely new life to dull and unhealthy hair.
  • This rich formula is a combination of herbs like Bhringraj, Jatamansi, Japapush, Yastimadhu, Kapurkachri, Shankhpushpi, Nagarmotha & Trifala. This oil is a rich supply of natural fat-soluble vitamins that give the hair a natural shine and volume. Mehandi, Ghritkumari and Til in the oil nourish the scalp. The herbs like Neem, Tagar, Manjishtha, Rai, Vach and Kuth fight the dandruff.
Assurance from Manufacturers
Dear Customers We assure you that Ashirwad Adivasi Herbal Hair Oil is a very high quality product that is manufactured with utmost care in our modern manufacturing facility. It will give you effective results and fulfill all your expectations. Normally oil companies use Light Liquid Paraffin feature oil in their hair oils, as it is cost effective. Some hair oils are manufactured with silicones or additional oils to change the physical properties of the products. We feel proud to proclaim that our oil is free from feature oils & silicones, as we only use pure natural oils, herbs alimentation oil & Rai in the production process of our oil. It is our belief that consistent application of the oil on the scalp over a long period will give the best results. Hair should be washed after overnight application. For optimum results use for at least 6 months. Results could vary from person to person.

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